Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to another successful year for our Association.

Visitors Information Centre
We have been implementing plans to modernise our displays in the VIC include upgrading our presentation in our interactive screen which assists us educate general public about nature and our association. Thanks to everyone who assisted in this project.

Thanks to members who continue to contribute articles to local papers.

All materials on this site are copyright protected by its author. Excluding our own non-text media, text content may be re-published with attribution to "Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association Inc" and the author if indicated for that content in the website.

Website Many thanks to David and Gail for their technical expertise in maintaining our website. and acting as our computer consultants.

Conferences and Organisations
We stay in touch with a network of environmental organisations through membership and exchange newsletters with other Natural History Associations in our region. We are affiliated with Bushwalking Qld, which provides competitive insurance cover and provides a great networking opportunity for our bushwalkers. I recently attended a QTFN conference which was very interesting in understanding more about private nature refuges.

Our members continue to make valuable contribution to collection, monitoring and recording of data. Surveys including the Alberts Lyrebird survey, Glossy Blacks, Glider surveys with WPSQ, Platypuswatch with Gold Coast Catchments, and regular SEQ catchment water monitoring of local creeks.

Via the VIC we are able to distribute educational circulars including RSPCA How to help wildlife pocket guide.

Submissions We made a number of Submissions including a joint submission with TML to SRRC Biodiversity Strategy.

Throughout the year the bird group and bushwalkers have held regular walks. The combination of nature and good company makes these very enjoyable outings.

Financially we continue to be in an extremely healthy position.

Many thanks to the management committee, and to all those who have assisted TMNHA throughout the year.

Nadia O’Carroll


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