TM - Kinabalu-Prospect & Areca Gully

TM - Kinabalu-Prospect & Areca Gully
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01 April 2015
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KINABALU PROSPECT Contour Rd, 100 m. north of Shasta Drive, Eagle Heights: The terrain of this 1.5 ha site slopes steeply down to reach Kinabalu Drive. It features a piccabeen palm gully and some remnant rainforest.

ARECA GULLY Contour Rd, opposite Areca Court: This steep site of 3 ha is marked by very large fig trees in a patch of remnant rainforest, descending to a piccabeen gully at the bottom, near Kinabalu Drive.

WARNING: GPS positioning technology and GPS device quality have accuracy variances so that tracks may appear to stray from the actual location by many metres. This may imply traversal of private properties in suburban areas. It is our policy not to enter private properties without permission and we trust that any tracks indicating same are solely due to those inaccuracies. Any user of these tracks should absolutely refrain from entering private property without permission.All materials on this site are copyright protected by its author. Excluding our own non-text media, text content may be re-published with attribution to "Tamborine Mountain Natural History Association Inc" and the author if indicated for that content in the website.

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