2012 08 07 Kaiser Rd The afternoon was warm and sunny and the sky blue and clear; a great afternoon for a bird walk.  We parked our cars a short way down Kaiser Road, then proceeded to walk.  
Not long after we started, we heard two or three male, Albert Lyrebirds’ territorial calls.
Several cows lazed in the paddock on our left and seemed very content in the afternoon sunlight.  Masses of lantana grew by the roadside, where we could hear many small birds, but not always see enough to identify them.


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Kaiser Road is not a circuit. It is a bitumen road that slopes down through paddocks before the bitumen ends at a recent pole fence. It is an interesting walk for bird life and hearing lyrebirds in the middle of the calendar year.

The road was set forth to extend across the creek above Wire Rope Falls and dirt sections near the creek remain. However, it appears to be closed off now at the end of the bitumen. Access to the creek is undetermined at this time.

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