2007 Nov - Pirralilla Section - HarryTamborine Bush Volunteer, Harry Briggs at work in Pirralilla Section of Tamborine National Park.

The November working bee of the Tamborine Bush Volunteers (TBV) was spent working in Pirralilla Section of Tamborine National Park.  Members removed weed seedlings, mainly asparagus fern, ochna, privet and lantana.  Some time was also devoted to planting walking stick palms, native ginger and vines to attract the endangered Richmond Birdwing butterfly.

2007 Nov - TNP Pirralilla Section - Planting walking stick palms native ginger and vinesPirralilla comprises an area of four hectares and is situated at the top of Gallery Walk.  This land was donated to QPWS several years ago by Tamborine Mountain resident Miss Kath Dobbie who used the land for a flower farm.  Over a period of ten years, two and a half hectares of this area has been transformed by the TBV into a lush rainforest which has become difficult to distinguish from the adjacent rainforest.  Members are especially proud of this achievement of enhancing the environment and creating a habitat for wildlife.

The TBV have a long association with Tamborine Mountain as the group was formed in March 1988 and has worked continuously since then in maintaining and enhancing all Sections of the National Park.  The group meets on the first Saturday of each month.  Work is varied and members (of all ages) choose tasks to suit their stamina.  The time worked is up to each individual and membership is free.

If you would like to see our projects, visit or join this small band of cheerful workers, you will be made welcome.  Contact the TBV Coordinator

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