This CD-ROM produced by the bird group of TMNHA contains 72 images and calls of the commonest birds seen on Tamborine Mountain (TM). The photography is excellent and although, as stated, the main bird is usually the male, most slides contain a female and often a juvenile. In many cases the slide is a composite of 3 or 4 photos. This is useful on the rare occasions (e.g. the Cicada Bird) where each image is below the normally very high standard.


The bird call, as stated, is the one usually heard rather than the alternatives which are less often heard. The quality of these calls is also excellent.
Operation of the CD is user friendly; i.e. well explained and straightforward.
The CD-ROM also includes very interesting and relevant text on the history of the Bird Group on TM, the history of the special bird of TM – the Albert’s Lyrebird, and a section on responsible pet ownership, an aspect essential to the survival of our native birds. Perhaps a future edition might have a section on responsible human interaction with birds!
Also there is the complete list of birds currently seen on TM; all 177 of them with Latin names as well.
At $20 plus $5 postage this is an excellent buy and thoroughly recommended. The authors are to be congratulated because of all the very careful and painstaking field work involved as well as the high standard of production. We look forward to Volume 2.
Available from Jeff & Marg Eller Ph 0755450995 or Email margjeffeller [AT] yahoo [DOT] com [DOT] au
(Note: the current version of the CD is not suitable for Apple/Mac computers)

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